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Chalk It Up

The novel Chalk It Up is a sensationally oriented, zany story about a teacher's incredible journey. It is the voice of Nick D'Angelis about his unusual adventures, challenges and frustrations. It is everyone's story who has ever been a student, a teacher, about the joys and conflicts of marriage, family, divorce and life after divorce. It depicts the bureaucratic insanity that makes most teachers want to run and escape. There are humorous flash back anecdotes about the Marine Corps. Overall, it touches every emotion, with Nick insisting on living creatively, sensuously, dynamically and spiritually, which ironically creates one calamity after another.


Bob Concordia is a retired Philadelphia school teacher, the father of three daughters, who currently resides in West Chester, PA. He was a high school and college athlete, corporal in the United States Marine Corps, heavy equipment operator, dancer, woodcarver and part-time actor. His writing career began at St. Bernard College, Cullman, Alabama. After college he has had numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines about life in the Marine Corps and many other philosophical areas of the human drama. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Masters from Glassboro University and sixty graduate credits beyond a Master's degree.